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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Air Asia - Now everyone can Fly with difficulties‏

Me and my group of friends travel very frequently, be it a family trip or a friends trip, it would be at least twice per year either locally or internationally.

Our last trip was a disappointment with Air Asia service.... What ever had happened happened.. So what else can we do but wrote a letter of complaint to Air Asia.

We wrote the following to Air Asia's customer service and even to Tony Fernandez.


My recent trip to Vientiane on Air Asia with 3 friends ended with much disappointment in Air Asia’s level of service and professionalism in meeting customer’s satisfaction.

During our check-in at Wattay International Airport on 21 Oct 2008, we were being asked the question “Do you have any alcohol/perfume?” We, being honest, replied that we have 3 bottles of mulberry juice wine, a typical Lao organic farm product. However, much to our dismay and amazement, we were told strictly no alcohol allowed to be checked in!

After much exchange with the local officer, Mr Anolak Kingsada of Wattay International Airport, we were given only the following solutions:
-Sell the wine back to the duty free shop (Why would I want to do that when it is meant as a souvenir to family and friends?)
-Leave it in the airport to be claimed within a month before it is being disposed (You are expecting us to travel back to Vientiane again?)

I must say that solutions are not customer oriented. We even offered the organic farm telephone number to verify the content of the bottles. But the officer is not willing to cooperate to provide us a win-win solution.

We also suggested clarifying this item with the KL head office. This was only accepted after much debate. In Mr Anolak Kingsada’s office, we called back to the KL head office. We would also like to clarify this point with KL’s officers but was not allowed to speak directly to them by Mr Anolak Kingsada. In this emergency situation, we then tried Air Asia Call Centre (603-86604343) around 10 am the same day. However, there was no answer even after 30 minutes!

Here we would like to clarify the following items:
1) What is the solution given to Air Asia’s customers who bought wine from holiday location and intend to bring it back home?
2) Is perfume not even allowed in Air Asia check in luggage?
3) Define specifically which are the limits and what type of liquid that can or cannot be checked-in. We did a check with the officer in LCCT KL (Pari Bala) and we were told that even shampoo cannot be checked in!
4) We know of other passengers with bottle of wine and yet able to check-in and board the plane since they did not declare the alcohol. What does this say about Air Asia’s level of security control? And this is an issue of discrimination to honesty!
5) What is the purpose of a call centre if there is no answer after 30 minutes? What if it was an emergency situation?
6) Is it not possible for customers to speak directly with the KL head office? Isn’t it Air Asia’s priority to clear customer’s doubts?
7) When we tried to get a clarification from your officers in LCCT, no satisfactory explanations. We were even told that liquid cannot be checked in. This is quite appalling since we also have shampoo etc checked in. It seems that your staff does not know their terms and condition and yet have the cheek to state that we have not read the document. This says much about your level of service and staff knowledge.
8) We also got some explanations from the police officers in LCCT. We were told that as long as the liquid/alcohol bottles are sealed together with receipt it can be hand carried. Why is this not offered as a solution in Laos?
9) We traveled widely with MAS, Tiger Airways and Jetstar but there is no such ruling. Why is Air Asia so special? How does Air Asia maintain its competitiveness with these airlines in terms of service? In my opinion, it is not at all at par with any of them.

I am very disappointed that this is the results of being honest. Air Asia seems to be encouraging dishonest customers and has no interest in customer’s well being. We would like Air Asia to compensate us for the losses (the mulberry juice wine & phone calls made to KL). We were told that you will reply with solutions in maximum 14 days. Hopefully this is demonstrated as claimed and hopefully we now get a satisfactory response.

If you need any additional information/receipts for your investigations, please let us know. We are very willing to assist you in any way so that a fair solution is presented.

Thank you.

Andrea Chua
Angeline Ng
Sean Ng
Sylvia Gan

No response from them , so we send another one to the KLIA authority.

Sent:Tuesday, 4 Nov, 2008 11: 36 PM;

"Dear Sir or Madam,

I am really sad and dissapointed and really do not know who should i contact for the help on below. We had sent the email below to Air Asia support email and we have waited for more than 2 weeks and yet to hear from them on the explanation on our incident that we had faced during our trip to Laos.

This is not the kind of customer service that we are expecting. We have made our complain on the spot when we arrived KLIA airport. Sadly to say that Air Asia's staff asked us to write an email to their office as they couldn't help much on our case and we did and followed what they told us but till now we haven't received any email from them.

We are definitely being overlooked and it seems that they just wanted to push us away from complaining on the spot and hoping to get away from the issue. As a consumer, we do know our rights and deserved to ask for explanation. As a passenger of the air flight, we would like to seek advice on the rules and regulations that have been implemented across world wide international flight for the incident stated below.

We are really lost now and do not know whom we should seek for help/assistance to follow up our complaint. Please do reply our email if you receive our email. At least we know that someone who is kind and responsible to follow up our case. In addition, we feel like we are been punished for being honest. Shouldn't we all been taught to be honest when we were kids? Why would we been punished but other people could escape from it? We are looking forward to hearing from you ASAP!

Thanks, Sean Ng "

I, myself forwarded the initial email to Tony Fernandez directly, unfortunately an automated generated response from the computer instead!

"Dear AirAsia Guests,

I notice that lately we have received numerous complaints on our Call Centre response time. This is due to the huge success of AirAsia X, especially with the Perth and Melbourne route announcements. These new, exciting long-haul routes have resulted in longer talk-time between callers and our agents and subsequently caused our lines to be congested.We did not anticipate this sudden surge in calls volume. However our Call Centre team headed by Sri Velayuthan has now identified and worked with our IT department to upgrade the Call Centre facility.By Nov 6, our Call Centre will have enough agents and sufficient IT infrastructure to deal with the influx. By this, we aim to improve our Call Centre performance to 90% i.e. a drop call rate of 10% only. By January, we'll be moving to a high-tech Call Centre to cater to more calls.We sincerely apologise for the frustrations caused by our Call Centre congestion but this is only due to our overwhelming business expansion. We have always been mindful in increasing cost as it will certainly lead to increasing fares. As the People's Airline, this is the last thing we want to happen.We acknowledge that technology will cost us more but at the same time we are committed to giving you excellent service. On another note, I have been working very hard with the team at AirAsia to look at reducing our fuel surcharge and you should look forward to the good news in the next couple of months.In the meantime, if you have any problems or enquiries, do not hesitate to email Sri Velayuthan ( or Hani Mohamad ( Having a combined experience of 15 years in customer service between them, they will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,Tony Fernandes"

Well, here we are with a couple of pictures of us getting ready to get drunk at the Vientiane Airport before boarding the plane!

I'm planning to send this to The Star!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Je me déteste

Je suis desolee. Je me déteste pour je t'aime.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

career movement

My career movement for the company will be stagnant for the next two years. Of course, it is due to the unstableness of the economy of the country. Other neighbouring countries are deeply effected too.

I had tried my very best to propose to my boss to advertise in the papers to continue on the brand's awareness but unfortunately each time, he decline. Basically from what ever I had proposed, even with a very good affordable package offered by the media owners. He rejected and prefer to invest the money in doing good the restaurants.

For me, my expectation for the company, whatever he had promised no longer happening. All talk and no action for the next two years.

Basicaly it's pretty monotanous for me. Whatever, marketing plan that I would intended to propose will make me think twice before submitting to him basically for approval. Why waste time, when you know it is not going to happen, right. Nevertheless, I still tried..

While waiting for the grass to turn greener, I had to think for myself. I can't keep on staying in this company where empty promises are meant to be broken.

I had attended quite a number of interviews :-
1. 22th Jan, Thurs Mandom - fmcg
2. 5th Feb, Thurs Popular - book
3. 12th Feb, Thurs Philipwain - beauty

Unfortunately, none of it was successful,
However, I'm still keeping my finger crossed for the upcoming interviews arranged for the coming week
1. 23th Feb, Mon Tangs - retail
2. 24th Feb, Tues Unilever - fmcg
3. 25th Feb, Wed Aspac - fnb

I'm praying very hard that I can leave the very gloomy place as soon as possible, with no friends but foes unfortunately to accompany throughout the past few weeks of working...

oh, please end my misery.. I do not want to ask for more, just a place for me to work happily. No more expectation cause it brings nothing but disappointment

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am hopeless in my diet thingy...

I had stop taking herballife and my weight is still 65kg. I'm speechless.. Plus with so many invitation with food related, it's difficult. Personally, I feel the best result is to go gym...
Sigh... Any takers to accompany me to the gym?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

demande en mariage

It's funny thinking back on what happened on the day where he proposed. It was a V's day. As usual, most couples were succumbed to the most commercialised dinner with gifts, chocolates and flowers. Me being a marketeer, I know the usual gimmicks..

The night before V's day, he had given me a stalk of rose. Simple, yes. I do not mind at all. Caused I knew how expensive flowers on that particular day. Eventhough, it was simple, you could see my facial expression beaming with joy when he gave it to me. Simple things like this can just make me happy.

On V's day itself, he gave me another stalk of rose during the day. Well, I do not know what did he had in mind but I went along with it. He came to pick me up for the dinner. I was clueless of whereabouts he wanted to take me. Never did I expected that he brought me to the most expensive dinner in my life that I ever had.

We drove past downtown, heading to KL Tower. I never being to KL Tower before taking into consideration I was residing in KL since 2 years old! KL Tower as I knew of, there are this restaurant overlooking into the KL nightlife. It is Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant. As the name suggested, it revolves slowly overlooking the night of KL.

Since he wanted to make it a special night for both of us, a night for us to remember.. and I will surely remember. He reserved for dinner for two. Heading to the restaurant, at the reception I saw the price for RM200 plus, thinking to myself, 'Wow, that's really expensive for two'.

Upon our arrival, at the restaurant entrance, I was surprised with another stalk of rose, a box of chocolates containing a la Ferrero Rocher and a cute little teddy. All these come a long with the reservation. He mentioned 3 stalks of roses means I love you.... Awww so sweet....

I was seated near the window overlooking at the spectacular KL night view. It was a buffet with 2 buffet counter and 1 dessert counter.

I was having my first plate of food and when I got to know that the dinner for the night was RM288++ per person with our bill total up to RM662.40Nett. I got the shocked of my life. It was way overpriced and the food I would say it was so so, nothing much to shout out. After knowing the value for the dinner, I was distracted and could not even enjoyed the food. Do you know how expensive was it? It is equivalent to a month of my car installment! Nope, it wasRM8.40 more then my car installment. Basically, at that time I was having "tooth ache" literally for the price we had paid. Do you think that I can eat that worth of food? Nope, I don't think I can eat that much worth of food either.

I'm a dessert person, when it's time for dessert, whatever unhappiness I have will slowly disolved in the dessert. Like ice cream melting.. So while taking a break after my session o dessert, he suddenly held my hands underneath the table, caressing. Suddenly I felt pain. He was slipping a ring onto my finger while asking me, " Will you marry me?" and I nodded my head and here we are now after 5 years of marriage. Time flew!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

no longer virgin

With this title, I strongly believe that more perverts and strangers are lurking around this blog. Why, cause the statement itself caused a lot of peeps to be curious.

I reserved a session of brazilian wax and IPL (Intense Pulse Lightning) for both myself and a friend of mine to Strip, Curve on Sat eve of CNY's eve. Brazilian wax is a type of hair removing method for the unseen area. In this case, it will be 'the muff'. IPL is another permanent method electric current is used to destroy the hair pores. Brazilian wax take about 30 - 35 mins and IPL is about 15 mins. So my friend went in for her session while I'm looking around the shop. It's made out of carton box material for the wall with a cement floor. Very bare and interesting industrial concept for a shop like this.

My name was called, and the strip therapist lead me to a room.

She said, "Remove your pants and panty". She is a lot friendlier then what I'm trying to portray here.

She left the room. Obediently I followed her instruction and laid on the bed covered myself.

She showed me a packet of personal hygiene wax pack, where the Stripette ( that's what they call their customers) will have their personal wax pack containing some cottom buds and some waxs strips to use. It's individual packed for hygiene purposes.

After examined my muff she said, "It's too short to have brazillian wax. Furthermore, you had been shaving and when you wax it will give you a slight pain. The pain will be slightly more than the usual due to the thickness of the hair".

She added," Your skin is too dried and wrinkled. It's like a 40 years old rather than my age."

My expression was horrific... -_- Like wtf ....

She explained further over cleaning will caused the skin to be dried and wrinkled. Well, I had been using feminine wash for quite some time for cleaniness and now she told me I over cleaned. It's not recommended to use it daily, however I can use it during the time of month. Washing too much is another cause of overdrying. Gosh, I'm just trying to be clean and I am too clean!?!??!Ridiculous, yes?

Well, She recommended me to do IPL instead it would not be to harsh on my skin.. plus it would be painless.

Agreeing to her suggestion, noting the price of IPL is so expensive

Changing to another room, where the IPL machine is located. Here I am laying on the bed waiting for the therapist to do her job.

She shaved all the hairs. Then, she used a piece of steel to place at the area. The steel plated is very cold against my skin. According to the therapist it is to numb the area so that I don't feel the current when she is doing IPL on my muffs... She did it repeatedly. I can feel the current on my skin when the utensil is working. Short current lightly bolted across the skin, it's not painful....
According the therapist, the hair will drop only 50% and to some individuals it would be more. I would need to come again for another round so that it work but looking at the price point, it's really expensive.

IPL needs 6th sessions to make sure that pores are death and no more hair growth and a yearly maintenance.

Updates: After 10 days and more, hair can even be plucked/ pulled out easily by fingers. No tweezers or what nots needed. It's fun.. hehehe
Now hair is growing...

Shall I go for another round??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Weekend - Food and more Food

With so many invitations for lunch and dinner last weekend, it will be very tough for me to stick with this so called strict diet. However, I tried to be in control with my food intake closely.

Sat - Dinner @ restaurant
Sun - Dinner @ sis's house
Mon - Lunch @ restaurant
Dinner @ hun's house

I can't remember what was my food intake throughout the weekend, but it is a lot! it's has been 8 days. My current weight is 64.5kg.

Food intake for the day:-

Breakfast: 2 small muffins + 1 glass choc milk

Midbreakfast: 1 glass fresh orange juice

Lunch: F1

Dinner: CNY cookies + pcs of bak kuas

Friday, February 06, 2009

dream wedding or dream off!!

Both of my favourites actress are on screen together! Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. Bride Wars is the usual chick flick which I won't be doing a review about the movie. It caught me thinking. Normally for a gal, she should had or already had and knew what she wanted for her dream wedding. For me, eventhough I have been living on this earth for 31 years (in another 1 1/2 months) I had never thought of what I want for my dream wedding!

Surprise? Yeah, that's me. I could not imagine myself in a bridal gown or even marrying to someone at all. I enjoyed looking at bridal magazine though. I would consider myself as confident elegant young woman in reality do not have the slightest idea of what I want for my dream wedding. I know clock is ticking and the shares are declining....

Huh! Take That! *Slap at forehead*

Maybe it's time for me to figure it out...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

4th day

My weight still maintain 65kg. No difference. I won't be posting for the next few days about herbalife. I'm bored. However, I will keep on posting about my food intake daily.

Food intake for the day:
Breakfast: 3 pcs of garlic bread + 1 pc of fruitcake
Lunch: 2 pcs gyoza, 2 pcs black pepper beef, 1 pcs tempura ebi and 2 -3 pcs of sushis (a lot?!?!)
Mid lunch: 1 glass of tea mix
Dinner: 3 - 4 pcs of duck, vege + 1 bowl soup
Supper: hehehe I knew... 1 bowl of tan cha (tong shui) + 1/2 egg + 1 deep fried fritters with red bean

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

3rd day with Herbalife

This morning my weight is 65kg. Very motivating, eventhough yesterday's nite was heavy dinner. Too much of temptation when you stayed home. Bottles and bottles of CNY cookies lying on the table calling out to me.. "Come, come, eat me, eat me!!"

Cookies are plentiful during this time of the year, not to mentioned my favourite: bak kua!!

Yesterday, I managed to drink 1 bottle of water during working hours... going to toilet too many times is troublesome.

I almost forgot that I can eat fruits if I have temptation to eat. Totally forgot about it till yesterday, well I have to stock up more and more fruits now....

Food intake for the day
Breakfast: 1 mandarin orange + F1
Mid Breakfast: 1 Teamix
Lunch: 1 local orange + F1
Dinner: less than 1/2 bowl rice with meat, vege and tofu + 1 bowl soup + some popcorn

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 2

So call very very strict diet... The temptation is so much when I am staying with my parents. The fridge are full of junk and plenty food to eat. I believe, if I do not have money to buy food it can last me for the whole month.

My weight for today is 66.5kg.

After confirmation with my friend, she was taking only F1 for breakfast and dinner. Cheaper too. Plus must drink a lot a lot of water. So I'm targeting to drink two bottle of water in the office. Keeping my finger crossed...

My plan is to take F1 + F3 for breakfast and F1 alone for dinner. After finishing F3, I will just continue with F1. Very very expensive meal replacement plan.

My food intake for today:
Breakfast : 1 small bowl of Porridge with groundnut and meat + 4 pieces of fritters
Lunch: F1 + F3
Dinner: 2 small bowl of porridge with groundnut and meat + 4 pieces of fritters + 1 1/2 big piece of bak kua + 2 mandarin oranges

Monday, February 02, 2009

First Day of Herbalife

After a long break of Chinese New Year and just food, food and food.. My weight had just balooned to 67kg. Drastic I would say. I am starting my first day of Herbalife. It a meal replacement plan, somewhat similar with Cambridge Diet. I was very successful with Cambridge Diet, where my weight went down to 59.5kg lowest even without exercise. When I stop Cambridge Diet, my weight slowly increase back to 65kg. I would said my official weight without dieting and exercise but with eating with care can only manage to sustain at 65kg.

So officially, I am on very very strict diet today Day 1 : 2nd February 2009.

So my Body Mass Index (BMI) is
= My Weight/ (My Height x My Height)

A healthy weight falls between 20 and 25 on the index and this show that I am almost overweight.

My short term and long term goals are as following

GOAL 1 short term = I would like to be in size L weighinng at 62kg in 8 weeks
GOAL 2 long term = I would like to be in size M weighing at 52kg in 6 months

Let's keep my finger crossed.

Now, I am getting confused. I read on the internet, that with weight loss should only consumed F1 and not F1 and F3 together. Only at a later stage the need to consume F3, this is when you need to build protein.

And I just took F1 and F3 together for lunch. I'm getting confused now....

My food intake for the day
Breakfast : 2 piece of small piece of bak kua & 4 tsp of anlene milk and 4 tsp of oats.
Lunch : 2 tbs of F1 + 1 tbs of F3
Mid Afternoon : 3 pcs of suan suan + 1 glass of teamix
Dinner : 1/2 bowl rice, vege, 2 pc chic meat, 1 bowl of soup + 1 1/2 big piece of bak kua (thanks to a friend) + 8 pcs of cookies