Friday, July 15, 2005

The end

I had given up on it. No initiative was taken from both. There is nothing more to say. Period.

Life is a lot easier to have it for your self rather than sharing it. Call me selfish if you want to but I couldn't care more. No more headaches, heartaches and sleepless nights.

A new beginning..

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today is the third day, I drove to work.. Maybe to any other people it is norm to drive to work but not for me. After obtaining my license since 1995, I seldom drive. It had been on and off thing, where I drove once or twice after I graduated from the driving school. I am very scared of driving, i can feel my heart thumpting very fast when I need to drive. My hands turn into icy cold. Iam phobia to drive.

Reason being that I had met an accident when I was 21 or 22. At that time I and a friend just are on the way back from visiting KLIA, at then, the airport was newly built. He was a new driver. Being new, when a white van accidently knock the back of the car, he was shocked and nervous. The car was skidded from left to right lane and from right to left. I was swing from left to right and right to left at that point of time. The car went up to the side pavement and hit the railings. The bonnet and the engine of the car were damaged badly due to the accident. Thank to god, both me and my friend were not hurt. It was a close shaved I would said.

After this accident, I had not been driving till lately..Thank god, I still got the guts to touch the wheel. Sometimes, I still break into cold sweats when I'm driving..

Hopefully, I would be able to conquer my fear of driving soon...

Driving phobia......

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Life has been busy

Life has been pretty busy lately...I didn't blog lately.. Joining the gym had taken much of moi time. This leads the gym as my second home..

First home is the "office"
Second home is the "gym"
Third home is the "home"

I had been pretty active that I goes to gym almost every day for the past few months. I started slowly in February. The pace start to pick up in May. I do enjoy my classes. I'm glad that I had become the gym's member at least it take up most of my time. On the contrarary, I don't have to feel bored too... Besides that, I got to know more people there. Get to loose a few pounds, actually more than that. It is a great achievement especially after sweating out in classes like Bodystep, Bodycombat, Bodypump and RPM. What matters most is I love the classes there.. Phew .. Really can sweat it out...

Sooner or later I'm becoming exerciseholics...

New to Exerciseholics... Woo hooo