Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was on the way back from Putrajaya. I was planning to go back to the office to finish some stuffs that I should be doing for the past few days. Unfortunately, something had happened.

While I was waiting at the traffic light, waiting for the red light to turn into green light, I realised that there was a big bus stationary next to me. I had been always extra cautious when a bus is next to me. I was too this time. Both the bus driver and myself were going to turn right. When the bus was turning right, I had already slowed down. Immediately I pressed my brake when I saw the bus was driving heading my lane. Unfortunately, it was too late, the bus banged the front side of my car.

This is the bus which had knocked into my car.

There was a loud noise coming from the side of my car, the bus's body draged against my car's body from the left side. I had no other choice but to stop at the side, to see the damaged of this accident. And, I found out ....

Gosh! My car was in a bad shape. The damaged were: -

1. the front left head light spoilt,
2. the front left side of the bumper was out of place and heavily scratched,
3. the front left signal was dislocate from the bumper,
4. the front car plate went missing,
5. the left side silver lining covering the body of the car above the left side wheel was missing,
6. the part of the body on top of the left side wheels was dented heavily.

I demanded the bus driver to compensate for his carelessness. He asked me to follow him to Cyberjaya where his office is located and talk to his boss. I drove the car following the bus driver to his office. His manager asked me to report to the police and claim from insurance. I requested for the driver's ic no and driving license and they are reluctant to give it to. He said take down the bus plate number will do.

So I do not know what to do...

At the end, I decided not to report the police as the damaged cost about RM350.

The reasons being:-

1. I may ended being accused of at the wrongs by the police (of course the bus company is very influential: BRIBERY. They are powerful by influencing the police to put the blamed on to me. I may ended up being fine RM300 or more. Furthermore, I won't be able to claim from the insurance as well.

2. Both party are at wrongs and ended have to pay the summons.I won't be able to claim from the insusrance as well for this scenario too.

3. By claiming the damages from my insurance company, may cause me of a higher rate of NPB for next year.

At the end, it is still the bus driver/ bus company at the winning end.

Life is so unfair. I hate this bus company. I hate Rapid KL.

Monday, September 03, 2007

On The Road

Today while I am heading to work, driving from Cheras to PJ via Federal Highway, I saw 2 motorcycles and 2 cars breakdown...

No wonder it is so jam nowadays....