Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Press Conference for Tipu Kiri Tipu Kanan

Press conference for Tipu Kiri Tipu Kanan was held at Planet Hollywood, KL on 27th March. The only person I recognised from the casting crew is Hans Isaac. The rest are from Indonesia and India. Who is who ah?!?!?!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Perkampungan Hadhari, Pulau Duyung Terengganu II

These two hosts from the Mencari Menantu are damn sporting. They are doing the kopi tarik stunts themselves. I, myself have not even tried it!

This is the second 2 minit live interview with Zaleha. Although it was only 2 minutes interview it felt like 20 minutes interview.

The celebrity for TV9 is Farrah Adeeba Mohamed Ashraf. She is arrogant in my opinion. She is currently the one of the faces for Nescafe's outdoor billboard 1 Now, 1 Nescafe. This is Minum Paling Banyak, Minum Paling Cepat Contest. The record is 5 cups of 3oz in 15 seconds.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Perkampungan Hadhari Pulau Duyung, Terengganu

This was the second event for Perkampungan Hadhari. It was held in Pulau Duyung, Kuala Terengganu from 23 & 24 March 07. I had 3 events from one week to the another week starting from March onwards. I am glad when our event for May had changed the venue. So it is a 2 months break for me for Jom Heboh and Perkampungan Hadhari.
Perkampungan Hadhari was launched in Kepala Batas, Penang for 3 days from 15th March to 17th March. Luckily, I don't have to go for this event. It was hot. Those who went for the event came back as red as lobster!
Mawi is one of our famous local singer. He got his fame from Akademi Fantasia ( dunno which year). He had been endorsing many brands like Mamee Slurp, Power Root and also Silky Gal ( a local cosmetic brand which is doing very well in our local market).

I am endorsing my own brand too... hehehe..The brand ambassador for the company. Yeah right, a local brand ambasador is paid about 20K to 50K per year and it depended on their popularity. Me?? Less then 5 figure income.. hahahaha..... A local KL citygurl. I'm just a employee working for the company for the interview because we do not engaged any ambassador. There were 5 and 2 minutes interview.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this celebrity of TV9 is Zaleha Khairene. She had been to our booth. I can't confirm whether she is the same person.

Look so steady yeah... I was having a stage fright... However, i received praises from my boss. He said that I spoke very well for the interview.. duh......

The hosts for 'Mencari Menantu' err..I'm not a local malay fans... Understand from the TV3 peeps, it is a very well recepted reality show by the local malays. They are also planning for a second season this second half of the year....

The local celebs are supposed to drop by every booth for 30 minutes to organize some events and etc..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jom Heboh Kuantan 2007 II

Basically this is how the company set up in the event. It is used every where in Jom Heboh and Perkampungan Hadhari.

I think the camera was shooting my behind!!Should do it the opposite way.

This is the celebrity host from TV9. I think she is the same person who interviewed me but I really not sure. Look the same.
She is pretty.
Participants is getting ready on the fastest drinking coffee contest. The mc is informing on the rules...

Everytime an event like this end, I would be very tired...

Jom Heboh Kuantan 2007

The company I am working with is going to participate both Jom Heboh and Perkampungan Hadhari for 2007. Basically Jom Heboh started as Sure Heboh in year 2005 but converted to Jom Heboh in year 2006. Why used the english word 'Sure' for a Malay carnival? So from 2006, Jom Heboh. It is organized by TV3 while Perkampungan Hadhari is organized by TV9.
In fact, I went to my first Jom Heboh event last year, in Batu Kawan Stadium, Pulau Pinang from 4 & 5 Nov 2006. Too bad, I had only taken 1 picture. It's the whole team of sales from HTM and us. Very supportive and cooperative team. Good teamwork!

This is how the carnival look like during the set up. Me and Sk. I can tell u to upload a picture for blogspot really take time. It is not easy, after some trial and error .. finally! Please bear with the sequence...

We are at the stage organizing a contest Kopi Tarik. Interesting to see the participants perform. All kinds of style....

To be continued... I'm still strugging with the pictures!!!