Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Last week, it has been a horrible week. I had been down with a fever for 3 days.. Till now I had not fully recovered from it yet.

Now, it will be coughing and coughing..

I gotten 3 days mc for the fever, fainted in the clinic once while waiting for the nurse to dispense the medicine. Shucks! Thank god, my dad was around to help me. Wheeled into one of the rooms, with a lot of chaos going round.. Recovered from the dizziness and went back home for medicine and rest.

I had not being going to the gym as frequently as I used to due to this fever. I had only been there twice last week and maybe once this week. My whole week schedule is packed with my recent part-time job. I felt guilty about it.

Anyway, I will be back for more gym classes next Monday to compensate on the loss.