Friday, December 17, 2004


Just got a call a couple days ago. It is a interview for another job. It is way to far from my home, but I will give it a try to see whether is this a opportunity. How do I spot whether this is a opportunity?

Current Job
1. A lot of freedom
2. Got to know more people from different countries
3. Near to home
4. Good colleagues
5. Job satisfaction?

1. Demanding boss but so far he is ok.
2. Low pay rise
3. Low bonus
4. Current salary low
5. No career advancement unless create new post or restructuring of company

New Job
1. Increasedof salary

1. Too far from home

I kinda like what I am doing right now but, what if this new job is a opportunity? As what if I miss this opportunity? Opportunity don't come often.

What shall I do?? Just go through the interview and see how things go... bummer!!

Life is a puzzle!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


How do you find your life? This is what I asked my cousin bro the other day...
He said, " Interesting question. I had a good life surrounded by some people who care for me, but like most people I carry some scar and pain."
It got me thinking, how do I find my life? Consider myself still in my mid twenties and have not achieve anything yet.
hmmm... other than that life is not too bad after all, considering I have good supporting folks and a sis who cares for me, what else shall I ask for, right? They are not rich, but they are happy good lot who make the most of what they have.
Somehow, somewhere I am still searching for myself, to be a better person. To lead a better life...
Searching for the ray of lights.

Friday, October 15, 2004


I felt dark clouds of boredom had overshadowing me. I wonder what everybody at this age is doing right now? Life is so bored. I have not find what I want in life. Lost in life? Is there such things? This is what people normally going throught : Quarterlife crisis. It is very negative. I knew. I am lost don't know what to do.

People seems to have direction, but look like I am lost in a big maze. Where I am trying to search for a way out of the maze. A way into a place where I want to be. I really don't know what I am or what I want to do. Working, yes. That's what I am doing or what everyone's doing. I hope that there is yellow brick to show and lead me where I am suppose to go. to let me know what I suppose to be. A ray of light to show me..

Is there anyone out there are having the same feeling like me? Lost? Or mayb, I am the only one here.

Lost in Maze.