Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Beginning

It has been 2 weeks since I started my new job. I would say kinda cool interesting job.
At least it would not be so deskbound compare to my previous one..
After 2 years with the previous job, I would say life is pretty stagnant. I am so comfortable with the previous job that I find it is kinda scary. I am getting lazier I would say. This is because when you do a task for so many times, you know the loops and holes to get your way around it. If I am to stay on, I may not want to leave at all.. Why? Plain lazy.. cause I can get things done with my eyes closed! Simple as that...Life is so stagnant. I find that there are nothing much to learnt at all. All I can say, there are not much left for me there.
Now, things are so different.. With this new job, there are practically everything are new to me..
Things I want to learnt :-
1. How to use Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, Imageready and whatever got to do with Adobe
2. Photoshooting session
3. Colour separation - till now I have really no idea what the heck it is..
4. Event management - I had done this a couple times, I want to do more...
5. Press release
6. Joint promotion
Now on my hand, there are actually 3 major projects which I am given to start.
1. Screen TV advertising in Bukit Bintang
2. SMS Advertising
3. Cinema Advertising...
It is my first to experience a life recording radio advertising in my life, which I find kinda cool. 30 sec radio advertising in My FM and 98.8 FM...
It is also my first to experience a life photoshooting....

Friday, December 02, 2005


It had been 2 months since I last wrote on this blog... Let's see what had happened :-

1. I just started to continue my studies now.. 1 Long dragging year. I would not say it is easy course as I have to do 5 to 6 assignments every 2.5 months. I would prefere the one which I had took in Singapore initially. The course was twice a week with 2 assignments every 2.5 months. This course needs me to attend 3 times per week! Damnation!! Assignments are very time consuming. I had to work in the middle of the night to rush for the dateline.. Slept for 2 hours and rushed for 3 hours. It is killing me. I wonder how long will I able to last before I colapse......

2. I had been going out with guy friends here and there, I kinda like the attention they are showering me.. reminds me of sweet 16 where guys start to ask you out for dates. This never happened to me as I was from a gals' school. Therefore things like this never happened to me. No interesting prom night or such. It's fun dating time now!

3. I had not been going to gym that often anymore compared to last time.. Kinda miss my gym gang. It is only weekends that I am trying to make my time for...

4. I started to gave tuition to a Standard 1 year boy. 2 hours once per week.. Kinda cute but very naughty boy. Clever and smart I would say. I will teach him English and Malay. The mother had just approached me last week to teach her 5 /6 year old daughter as well. 1/2 hour to begin with then gradually increase to 1 hour to help her with Malay!! Gosh where am I suppose to find the time in the world???

I need more time now.....