Saturday, October 23, 2004


How do you find your life? This is what I asked my cousin bro the other day...
He said, " Interesting question. I had a good life surrounded by some people who care for me, but like most people I carry some scar and pain."
It got me thinking, how do I find my life? Consider myself still in my mid twenties and have not achieve anything yet.
hmmm... other than that life is not too bad after all, considering I have good supporting folks and a sis who cares for me, what else shall I ask for, right? They are not rich, but they are happy good lot who make the most of what they have.
Somehow, somewhere I am still searching for myself, to be a better person. To lead a better life...
Searching for the ray of lights.

Friday, October 15, 2004


I felt dark clouds of boredom had overshadowing me. I wonder what everybody at this age is doing right now? Life is so bored. I have not find what I want in life. Lost in life? Is there such things? This is what people normally going throught : Quarterlife crisis. It is very negative. I knew. I am lost don't know what to do.

People seems to have direction, but look like I am lost in a big maze. Where I am trying to search for a way out of the maze. A way into a place where I want to be. I really don't know what I am or what I want to do. Working, yes. That's what I am doing or what everyone's doing. I hope that there is yellow brick to show and lead me where I am suppose to go. to let me know what I suppose to be. A ray of light to show me..

Is there anyone out there are having the same feeling like me? Lost? Or mayb, I am the only one here.

Lost in Maze.