Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Call me desperado if you want to.. I had called the company twice to ask about the interview.

Till now I still had not heard from him yet. It's already Tuesday.

They still had not make up their decisions.

First, it was because the candidate had postphoned the interview and he/she couldn't make it. He had to see him/her before he decides. Then, he should select me, right since the candidate had shown no interest in the job!

Second, the office is moving last fri/sat and they will start operation in the new place. He would need to have discussions with the HR Manager before making the decisions. Let's see Monday settling down, then Tuesday discussing with HR Manager, hopefully by tomorrow, Wednesday he would be able to call me for the second interview.

I really hope that I will get the job.. I really do want the job.. Please do help me... I really do not know what else to do anymore.... I am desperate. Period.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I want that job desperately. I really want the job. I really hope that the job can be mine!

Last night, it was the worst nightmare I had ever had. The guy turned me down from the job that I want desperately. I do not want it to turn into reality..

How come life had been easy for some? and yet difficult for some ? I belong to the group. I need is the job now...