Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Short Chapters in Life

It has been almost 1 and half years since I blogged. So many things had happened and in another four months 2011 will end. I want to be more happy, contented and grateful with what is going to happen, soon to happen and will happen.

A glance at what things that had happened:-

1. I had been in and out of the job
2. I had registered and officially becoming someone's wife, daughter in law and sister in law
3. I had become a private tutor full time and now turning back to part time up to now
4. I had find myself a job and been working since then
5. I had been to Hokkaido, Japan with the co for a week during the winter 2010
6. I had been to Seoul, South Korea for a week to visit the husband

Is that a lot for 1 and half a year.. nope I don't think so.