Friday, December 17, 2004


Just got a call a couple days ago. It is a interview for another job. It is way to far from my home, but I will give it a try to see whether is this a opportunity. How do I spot whether this is a opportunity?

Current Job
1. A lot of freedom
2. Got to know more people from different countries
3. Near to home
4. Good colleagues
5. Job satisfaction?

1. Demanding boss but so far he is ok.
2. Low pay rise
3. Low bonus
4. Current salary low
5. No career advancement unless create new post or restructuring of company

New Job
1. Increasedof salary

1. Too far from home

I kinda like what I am doing right now but, what if this new job is a opportunity? As what if I miss this opportunity? Opportunity don't come often.

What shall I do?? Just go through the interview and see how things go... bummer!!

Life is a puzzle!