Friday, August 28, 2009

Something Cute

I am not the usual me nowadays.. I have been doing a lot of stuffs out of the ordinary which I don't do usually.

Eg. I won't be tempted to buy any cutie stuffs sold in the market but this time I did.

I bought something very cute during my visit to the night market last saturday.

Ta daaa!!!

Cute little pumpkin, bunny rabbit and porcupine bun. Each contain custard, lotus paste and pandan leave paste...

Ordinary taste but I bought it because it's cute....

Cute or not??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A piece of blank paper

I'm not happy. I want to leave earlier. I still have no job. How?

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm getting worry. A week has passed after the news. My family and the bf still doesn't know about my current situation.
I'm worry that I couldn't get a job by the time. What would happen to me? I still has commitment. My house, my car and my family! I do not know what will happened to me if I have no job. I am really worry.......

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unexpected event

I have so many things to post but let talk about the unexpected event.

I'm 4 months into the job, and the things I've been doing has not been better. Initially, when I joined the company, I was offered Channel Manager. Eventually, a colleague had resigned when I was with the company for 2 or 3 days. So, immediately I was assigned to be a Product Manager replacing the vacancy. Work had been tough on me as I never handled any product before.

Two days ago, after coming back from a 2 days of sick leave, I was asked to see the MD. I was caught by surprised. He told me that the company is going through restructuring and I am asked to go end of the month. Of course with compensation of a month's salary. Reason being, the company no longer need a PM. All PM's work will be handled by the regional, and those who stayed are handling channel. I felt the company me treated me so unfair. I was employed as a CM, but given a PM's job. Now, the organization is going through restructuring, they don't need a PM anymore and I asked me to leave. Hello, remember I was employed as a CM. You need a CM so ain't I a CM but doing a PM's job. I find it really ridiculous.

I'm not the only one. So basically for the PMs, meaning me and another colleague are asked to leave and being offer a package. For her, looks like she wants the VSS but to me, eventhough I'm not happy with the job I still want to give it a chance.

Asking us to leave the company and Yet, they are employing some Management Trainee's role doing a CM. I don't really understand what does the company wants to do...

Anyway, after discussion with my good samaritan boss, and conversation with him and the MD, it is agreeable that I'll work till end of Oct plus the additional 1 month compensation. At least, I can buy some time to look for a job.

I had not told anyone else, not even the family and the bf. I will wait till I find a job then I'll tell them.

I had been very down for the past two days because of the unexpected event. On the day itself, me and my colleagues went out for a good jap lunch. I ordered a green tea ice cream dessert to satisfy my "downness". The bill cost about RM200. I had been doing things out of the ordinary recently. Usually after work, I will head straight home, but on that day I didn't went home. Instead, I went to the bf's house and bought some food stuff from pasar malam as dinner. Today, still feeling down, immediately after work, I went to the night market for a walk and dinner..

Guess what I bought myself?? Some pretty little hair clips for fun....

Tomorrow, the marketing team are basically not working. We are heading to FHM at KLCC.