Friday, October 09, 2009

Seriously worry

In another 3 weeks, I will be officially out of job. Both my parents had already knew about it. Till now, I had been to quite a number of interview and yet neither one of it came back for a second interview. I am getting really worry. If I still do not get a job by end of this month what will become of me?

Every one will not be changing job as most of them are waiting for the bonus before they plan to move on. It's worrysome. I will be unemployed in another 3 to 4 months. What will become of me? I know I shouldn't be discouraged, but I can't help it. Who would ever figure out such things happened? Then again, with the current situation restructuring is not unusual.

I have to have hope that I will get a job soon. Be positive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. However, I dare not put my hope too high if not I will be very disappointed..

Everyday, I have been wasting my time going to office, seriously doing nothing. Looking left and looking right. Doing nothing. I do not want to go anywhere at all. When I am at home, I just stayed in my room watching tv series. I am really worry.. I am slowly crawling into my own shell and stay in there forever.....

Oh please, I pray to you, please please let me have a job soon... I am depressed.

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